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Tooth Filling

Fillings at Raptou Family Dental, Columbus, OHCavities are one of the most common dental issues. Commonly associated as an issue faced by children, even adults can develop them. A majority of adults have developed at least one cavity in an adult tooth during their lifetime. When cavities develop, treatment is needed right away. At Raptou Family Dental, we can treat cavities with composite fillings.

What Exactly is a Cavity?

A cavity is a small pit that forms in your tooth. However, how does it get there? During the course of the day, plaque and bacteria accumulate in your mouth. While these substances are natural, they are also harmful. Both produce harmful acids that, when left on the surfaces of your teeth, begin to eat away at your enamel. This leads to weak spots, which eventually turn into cavities.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are made up of a mixture of metals that are suspended in mercury. These fillings are incredibly strong and can withstand some of the strongest biting and chewing forces. However, they are silver in color. Because of this, they stand out against the whiteness of your natural teeth. While this may not be a huge issue for teeth at the back of the mouth, it can cause serious aesthetic issues when treating cavities in your front teeth. Additionally, many patients express concerns about the materials used in amalgam.

Composite fillings are free of both metal and mercury. They are composite resin, a material made up of fine glass, plastic, and other substances. Composite resin is tooth colored and therefore blends in perfectly with the color of your natural teeth. It is perfect for treating cavities in your front teeth, restoring not only your oral health but the quality of your smile as well.

How is a Composite Filling Placed?

The process for placing a composite filling is simple and straightforward, and can typically be completed in about 30 minutes. We begin by cleaning the tooth and drilling out the decay. Next, we place the composite material into the cavity. It is cured using a special light. Finally, we polish the material smooth. Once complete, there is not telling the filling from the rest of your tooth.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

There are numerous benefits associated with composite fillings.
•  The process is quick and simple. We can usually complete your filling in about 30 minutes.
•  Composite resin bonds with your natural tooth structure. Because of this, less of your natural tooth structure needs to be drilled away. Depending upon the size and location of the cavity, you may not even need a local anesthetic.
•  Because composite resin is tooth colored, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your natural tooth structure. No one will be able to tell that is there. This feature makes composite fillings perfect for treating cavities in your front teeth.
•  Composite resin is free from both metal and mercury. These fillings are ideal for patients with allergies to metal as well as those who are uncomfortable with the metal or mercury in amalgam.

As your body ages, it begins to lose energy and vitality. Unfortunately, your teeth are not impervious to damage and can also suffer from this decline, just like any other body part. Over time, the teeth may become more susceptible to decay and other dental problems.
Though regular dental check-ups can often prevent this, in some cases, tooth decay may already have progressed too far for simple treatment to fix. At this point, a tooth filling can help restore the look and function of your teeth while also protecting them from further damage. If you require tooth filling, our team here at Raptou Family Dental is dedicated to providing you with the best possible options for restoration.

What is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling is a dental restorative procedure to repair or restore a tooth surface damaged by decay to its shape, appearance, and functionality. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 90% of adults aged 20 or over have had at least one cavity, and about half had a tooth filling done. The filling procedure is also useful to people with tooth structure loss caused by teeth grinding, trauma, or poor dental care.

Typically, a tooth filling procedure involves removing and cleaning out the decayed area of the tooth before creating a hole or cavity that is filled with a dental restoration filling. Once the filling is in place, it is polished and shaped to match the tooth's natural surface.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings?

The five types of cavity fillings used in dentistry include silver (amalgam) fillings, porcelain fillings, gold fillings, composite fillings, and glass ionomer fillings. Within these broad options, not all fillings are best suited for everyone.

The type used in each individual varies depending on the material they are made of, whether they will have any allergic effect on the patient, and what area of the mouth the filling is done.

For instance, a silver filling is made of silver as well as a combination of other metallic elements and is commonly used to fix spaces in molar teeth. Porcelain fillings, also called inlays and onlays, are aesthetically attractive and highly preferred since they can be used to cover damaged front teeth. Gold fillings are easily noticeable but are most suitable for gum tissues and patients who want to restore their chewing force.

Composite fillings, on the other hand, are ideal for small to mid-sized tooth repair, while glass ionomer fillings are recommended for baby teeth. Other factors considered include the extent of repair needed, the overall longevity, and the cost.

Are Dental Fillings Safe?

It is obvious that people question the safety of any object or substance that enters their body, and dental fillings are no exception. Though dental fillings are made of various materials, they all share one common attribute; they are all safe for patients and have been used for years, according to the American Dental Association and Food and Drug Administration.

If you're struggling with any dental concerns, including tooth decay, request an appointment for fillings today with Raptou Family Dental. For more information, call us at (614) 427-0449, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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At Raptou Family Dental, placing a composite tooth filling is simple and straightforward, we make the process quick, painless, and safe. Takes about 30 minutes.
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