Fluoride Treatment

Dr. Raptou and a young patientThink back to the last time you had a tall, cold refreshing glass of water. Did you know that your drink may have had one of the best things for your teeth in it? As one of the essential minerals to your oral health, fluoride can help keep your teeth healthy and strong. It is found in a variety of natural sources, toothpaste, some mouthwashes, and even tap water.

However, the amount that you get from these sources simply may not be sufficient for many of our patients. For people who are more prone to “soft spots” or tooth decay on their teeth, despite being careful to brush and floss and take care of their teeth, we here at Raptou Family Dental may advise a fluoride treatment to help restore areas of demineralization to help keep your teeth at their very best.

What are the Advantages of a Fluoride Treatment?

Some people are just more vulnerable to tooth decay and, every time they come back to us for a checkup, we have to give them the bad news that they have another cavity forming. In the past, many people would have to accept their tooth decay. Now, though, we can offer a fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities from even forming in the first place.

Getting a fluoride treatment is more than just preventing tooth decay. It can also ease sensitive teeth, making life easier for those who struggle with pain in their teeth when they eat hot or cold foods. It can also restore teeth that already have mild tooth decay, reversing the cavity before it can progress and get worse. Many people also erroneously think that fluoride treatments are just for children and not for adults. People of all ages could benefit from fluoride treatments, especially the elderly and people who have a genetic predisposition to tooth decay. There is also an incorrect notion that getting a fluoride treatment comes with risks. A fluoride treatment is quite safe, as we will supervise and oversee the entire treatment to ensure that you do not accidentally swallow any of the fluoride.

A fluoride treatment is extremely easy and takes less than just a few minutes to complete. After we clean your teeth, we will thoroughly coat your teeth with the sticky gel. The gel will stay on your teeth for a couple of minutes; then we will carefully remove it. It will continue to work for several hours after the treatment. Avoid eating or drinking anything in the first half hour after we apply the fluoride treatment, as it can make it less effective.

How Often Should You Have A Fluoride Treatment

Depending on how high your risk for tooth decay is, we may advise that you get a fluoride treatment every time you come in for a checkup with a cleaning. This treatment schedule can be as often as six months, though some patients may be able to go longer between treatments. When we assess your teeth, we will make a recommendation to you so we can help keep your teeth clean and bright and your smile happy and healthy.

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